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This allows you to take advantage of our vast glass knowledge, or, if you prefer, to have us melt your glass composition.

All components are manufactured according to customers’ specifications and can be polished up to λ/10 flatness.

LG-750, LG-760, LG-770 have been developed to meet the needs of the high- energy solid-state laser community.

All three glasses exhibit a high laser cross- section, a low non-linear refractive index, and athermal characteristics.

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LG-940 is an Er- and Yb-doped phosphate-glass for use in flash-lamp or diode-pumped laser systems.S7010N and S7005 samarium-doped glasses block the 1.06 (µm wavelength and UV pump light from neodymium lasing elements, such as Nd: YAG or Nd:glass rods and slabs.Two samarium-doped silicate glasses are offered: S7010N (10% doping) is recommended for most applications, while S7005 (5% doping) is usually reserved for elements thicker than 6 mm.'However, the function is still placing a lot of trust in people's accurate description of themselves.I myself have been lucky that every guy I've met from the site has looked their pictures, but others I know have had some horrible surprises when they meet in person.The site also offers an online magazine for singles called "Click Magazine" as well as a dating phone service called "Lavalife Voice".


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