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There's a lot of illegal activity on this site that's hard to enforce.Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or something in between, injuries are imminent.Many of the hangouts have "topics" attached to them like "Discussing Education's Future" and "Bible Study And Prayer," interestingly enough.GPhangouts also has a list of Hangouts scheduled to start, like "Talking Torah With David Paskin" scheduled to start 10 days and 20 minutes from now.But it didn't take her long to run into the site's dark side: a man exposing himself. Del Conte told "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith she "was really surprised" by what she found on Chatroulette."It makes me really discouraged about the state of humanity.It's the same danger as meeting someone (from) a chat room.""Early Show" contributor and CNET Senior Editor Natalie Del Conte also took a turn at Chatroulette's wheel.First, she met a man from New Jersey, then two young men from Norway.

Mashable discovered the site, which is a list of public video chats you can join as long as you have a Google profile and a webcam.

If you don't like the looks of things, click "next," and the site shuffles you to someone new.

As many as 85,000 users are doing it at any particular time, the site says.

But some child advocates are worried about those strangers could include predators talking to kids, even though Chatroulette clearly says you have to be 16 to use it.

The setup is simple: Activate your webcam and click "play." Then, as people from all over the world pop up one-at-a-time in a box on your screen, you decide whether or not to chat with them.


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    Sometimes when the phone rings, the switchboard lights up from rooms that are unoccupied.