Updating ydl

It is recommended that you perform the media check at least once before using the DVD.

Have you found, downloaded or received an YDL file, but don't know which software program is required to open it?

Logitech di Novo Mini keyboard fix Boot Recovery (YDL 6)BR- AUDIO on HDMI, Volume Control = No volume control GStr.way to get ydl6 running better on ps3? An official kernel update fixed this problem -- after installing the latest updates (yum update or let automatic updates install) you should be able to use bluetooth devices, including the Sixaxis, on YDL 6.2* Sixaxis / Dualshock 3 doesn't work in Game OS / XMB after installing YDL 6.1 -- see here for fix: ... * Gamepads are not working in YDL 5.0.2, but work in 5.0.0 and 5.0.1. For example:ftp://gov/pub/yellowdog/iso/SHA1SUMConsider using different software for burning the DVD.

If you are aware of any additional file formats that use the YDL extension, please let us know.

(reference link)EDIT: Unfortunately, Sony apparently changed their minds about Other OS support and removed it from firmware 3.21 and up which is a required update if you want to get on PSN and if you want to play some of the latest PS3 games. =19&t=7266 (see below for help burning the DVD) ... To return to the Game OS, at the kboot prompt, enter: You may also conduct a media check prior to burning the ISO, fromthe command line as follows: sha1sum /[path]/[to]/[ydl][ENTER]...

rors.shtml For 6.2 on PS3, download yellowdog-6.2-ppc-DVD_20090629For 6.1 on PS3, download yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20081119For 6.0 on PS3, download yellowdog-6.0-DVD_20080207For 5.0.2 on PS3, download yellowdog-5.0.2-20070711For 5.0.1 on PS3, download yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-20070511-PS3Or, you can purchase the latest version from the Fixstars online store: is not currently available as of 9/6/09) a keyword or two and click the Search button at the bottom. which will output a SHA1SUM which you compare against the SHA1SUM in the SHA1SUM file.

Chances are someone else had the same problem and you'll find your question has already been answered -- several times. rschienen/Linux development on the Play Station 3Building a custom kernel RPM with FUSE support on YDL 6If anyone knows of a fix for any of these issues, please post and I will update the list.* You can't currently use the Sixaxis controller or other bluetooth devices on YDL 6.2 for PS3 without updating the kernel. To check your media from Windows, select one of the tools mentioned here: To check your media from OSX, follow the instructions posted here: your sha1sum matches the one listed for your ISO, then your image file is OK. If you're using a download manager and having problems, consider using a different one.

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