Updating windows 95 to 98

You do not have to reply to this dialog box, since the restart will automatically occur in 15 seconds.2 - When the computer restarts, you'll see a splash screen that says "Getting ready to start Windows 98 for the first time." During this operation, Windows 98 is validating that the files it installed are correct.

Just installed Windows 98 on a Gateway PC built for XP.If you interrupt Setup during this phase, you must run Setup again.STEP 4: Restarting Your Computer 1 - After Setup finishes transferring the needed Windows 98 system files to your system, you are prompted to restart your computer.STEP 2: Collecting Information About Your Computer 1 - When the Setup Wizard has completed loading, you will be presented with a standard Microsoft License agreement.Take the time to read this agreement, since by clicking the "I agree" radio button, you become legally bound to that contract.4 - The next dialog box displayed is "Initializing Your System." Setup is initializing your system registry, checking the current settings for all hardware devices attached to your system.


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