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Steps to install the display driver will vary depending on the circumstances.

Here are some reasons to NOTE: Updating the graphics driver is not required even though a newer version is available.

There are some minor performance issues with Bluetooth and the fingerprint scanner, but if you like the Live Tile interface then it's one of the best available to hold you over until a possible Microsoft Surface phone.

Before selecting a driver, first consider your circumstance and determine if you need to install, reinstall, or update the driver.

I'm passing along the whole PASS CARD thing to anyone else who might have difficulty getting started. 3D images; information pop-ups, movies and it really is 360 degrees. He is a picky kid so for him to enjoy it so much tells me it's a great toy and also educational. Currently there are 3 experience packs to go along with the basic starter real. I hope they will make more experience packs in the future because if they do, I'll DEFINITELY purchase them!

Overall the approach is good you just need to be patient with time it will take to make this Old idea function in today's High tech environment.

Be prepared once the system is set to experience a full 360 degree Virtual reality and start by sitting down and now standing or walking around.

I will give this a Positive review, but caution it by saying that is will not be a quick or easy installation of the App.

I'm not very tech savvy so it took me a while to get it to work.

Although I had trouble getting it to work initially, with my husband's help we finally figured it out. Then I discovered I'd mis-read something and the key to the whole thing is the PASS CARD!


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