Taipei dating

To really enjoy the restaurant's array of delectable eats, it's best to go with a group of four or more as servings tend to be quite large.Also on the 85th floor is another extraordinarily large mouthful – Diamond Tony's Panorama Fusion Cuisine Dining Pub (tel: 8101-0016,

For Taiwanese flavour, there is Shin Yeh (tel: [886-2] 8101-0185, on the 85th floor.The original restaurant started in 1958 and still stands on Xinyi Road by Yongkang Street.Din Tai Feng's storefront is impossible to miss, as there is always a steady stream of customers lined up out front.The brash and bawdy Combat Zone with its seedy bars and leggy women more interested in commerce than conversation has faded into oblivion with city upgrades, but there is much to sample for travellers of all stripes. A full stomach is a critical part of a fun night out in Taipei, and this multi-cultural metropolis suffers no shortage of restaurants.From local to international to fusion, various Asian cultures collide in the cuisine of Taipei.If you're interested in some entertainment while you eat, taiko drumming performances are regularly staged at Dozo (tel: [886-2] 2778-1135, 102 Guangfu South Road), not far from the Sun Yat Sen Memorial MRT station.


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