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Old ideological divisions briefly evaporated in the heat of the struggle, and the fast-rising support for the idea among gays and lesbians themselves turned into a grassroots revolution.

The long game eventually, cumulatively brought the breakthrough. It shines a piercing light on another cleavage in the gay world.

For Ryan, it’s just a way to make a future tax cut for the superrich more budget-friendly, while pushing the political costs of shredding Medicaid onto some future sucker.

And then you think about those tax cuts Ryan wants so badly. Bush inherited a small surplus and, after his tax cuts didn’t spur higher growth, handed Obama a Treasury close to bankrupt.

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You can go back to the old gay magazine, , published by the Mattachine Society, and see exactly the arguments that erupted later.

I was mulling, as one does, over this presidency, and something crystallized in my head that I had not quite grasped before.

Its policies are best described as simply perverse.

We are told that these cuts will spark so much growth they will pay for themselves — and more. In Kansas, the exact same strategy has incurred so much debt that a supermajority of the legislature, led by Republicans, have junked it.

And yet if there is one thing we really do know by now, it is that this strategy has spectacularly failed and failed again to work. To pursue it a third time on a national scale is the definition of madness.


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