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When you start to tell someone about your church, your pastor, your boss, or your friend - what type of things are you sharing and why? b.) Vent with the openness to allow the Holy Spirit to make changes in you and with those with whom you are frustrated.

Allow the person you are speaking too to also offer direction. It's how you handle the frustration that makes the difference.

Do you tell everyone she is a flirt or again, confront her in love to share this?

I was corrected, and told that my friend was just "venting", that my friend needed to tell me this stuff to help deal with it.Editor’s note: Today's article is the fourth in a series about "fine line" areas of our lives. Areas we prefer not to deal with so that we can continue living on the edge, where the "fine line" is. Lord, here I am again ..yet another church that doesn't seem to care that I am single. I hate that my pastor never addresses singleness from the pulpit.Click here to read about Happiness vs Joy, Judging vs. Sure, they take my tithes, ask me to help watch the zillion kids in childcare, but they mostly ignore me. I am not even sure if he knows who I am, much less that I am single.Sometimes they know God has placed them in a specific situation: amongst those aggravating people at work, on a committee at church, next door that a particular neighbor.They know that God has placed them there and is using them to reach those people.And our deacons, are you sure they are even breathing? It seems like you can't change a light bulb without a committee to decide when to change it. You know, this single sounds a lot like I use to sound when I was much younger.


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