Sdat bad catalog when updating

Currently Enterprise 8.8 with Agent patch 7 contains agent 4.8, a version compatible with Patch 7 .

Afterwards I have installed the newest SAGA GIS 3.0.0.You must install patch 6 or 7 (available below) prior to upgrading or use the full installer (available above) after upgrading.These patches include product improvements, updates and bug fixes and should be applied to all systems.I doubt that there is much use trying to change the path to SAGA 3.0 since there are no SAGA 3.0 algorithm descriptions in Processing yet: (screenshot from qgis-dev on 2016-11-04) SAGA algorithm parameters keep on changing, most likely it's not as simple as renaming an existing folder of descriptions.I corrected this problem (as far as I can tell) for 2.18.14 by copying the saga folder downloaded via OSGeo [C:\OSGeo4W64\apps\saga] and pasting it into the qgis apps folder C:\Program Files\QGIS 2.18\apps.The folder that this version of standalone Qgis was installed with is saga-ltr.


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