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According to Astrology, these are the 3 best and worst matches for Scorpios. UPDATED June 17th, 2017 The dating world is hard to navigate.You guys are horrible people."She was mostly right: I am a Scorpio, and I am a horrible person.But being a horrible person has little to do with my astrological sign, which if anything should be one of my few redeeming qualities.You’re not Diane Sawyer and he’s not Caitlyn Jenner, so stop with all the questions.

(And it is a fact, or at least as much fact as the rest of astrology is.)We're a fixed sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto, because why settle for one planet when you're this cool?Even though Scorpio men don’t like sharing personal things about themselves until they really know the person, they love knowing everything about everyone else.He’ll want you to tell him as much as you can about yourself, even if he doesn’t reciprocate.While this may make you smile like you just heard they’re turning “Magic Mike” into a trilogy, don’t rush into sex.The awesomeness of it will only cloud your judgment before you really know where this thing is going.You don’t know where to look, who to trust, what your dinner partner really wants…heck, sometimes it’s hard to know what you really want.


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