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Image: Arthur Tanner/Getty During World War II, though, nylon factories were repurposed to produce wartime necessities, which didn’t include ladies apparel.

Women took to drawing lines up the back of their legs with eyebrow pencils to give the impression that they were wearing highly-prized pairs of stockings.

1970 was also the year that L’eggs introduced the pantyhose that were sold in an egg-shaped package, which made them stand out brilliantly on the shelves.

There’s even an ad where a child at the zoo likens her mother’s stockings to the wrinkly legs of an elephant, which strangely incites the mother into buying new pantyhose instead of teaching that child not to say insulting things in public.The 1957 film based on the wartime play, features a scene where a group of sailors lure women up to their room by putting a sign in the hotel lobby that promises "free nylons." (There are going to be a few examples of men behaving kind of badly in this post, so hang in there).Finally, in 1948, those factories began producing nylons again.Nylons were extremely popular basically starting from the moment they were invented in 1938.Stockings had been around for much longer, but until then they’d been made of silk.Thanks to their scarcity during the war years — or just because they’d always been great — nylons became an absolutely necessity for the well-dressed women.


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