Online dating steps

Start by reaching out to the admin of the dating site or app you’re using.

Reports show that 30 percent of online daters research a potential date before they agree to meet with them.Finally, one of the most important steps you should take if you find that the individual you are speaking with is in fact a scammer is to report their account rather than confront the issue.By letting the person know that you’ve caught them, you give them the chance to delete the account and start fresh with a new profile before they are confronted by the proper authorities.Although this might seem a bit extreme, the process is free and definitely worth saving yourself the potential headache of dealing with someone who is not who they say they are.Experts say that online daters are more likely to be scammed by other site users who are in another state or country than they are likely to be scammed by users who live within a reasonable distance from their home. This might narrow down your possibilities a bit, but it will significantly reduce your chances of being scammed and make things a whole lot easier when it comes time to meet in person.Fortunately, a little research can help you avoid these scams in your online search for love.


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