Japan ero chat online

Duan, 58, said his endeavour was an outcome of China and Japan building closer ties in various fields in recent years.

More Japanese have started studying Chinese and want to know about what’s happening in the Chinese community, he said.

If you have friends in Osaka, please tell them there is also a Chinese chat session there,” Iguchi said following his self-introduction.

Through the activity, not only can Japanese people learn Chinese, but young Chinese who have just arrived in Japan can also get a chance to talk to Japanese.

“Most Japanese citizens are friendly, they oppose war,” Hu said, adding that this impression differed from what he sometimes saw on Chinese television.

Participants sing Chinese songs, eat Chinese food, some gradually become friends, or even couples.

Every Sunday afternoon, rain or shine, a group of people gathers at a park in Tokyo’s bustling Ikebukuro district, where Japanese people studying Chinese and Chinese living in Japan can engage in lively conversation.

“Our students usually study Japanese at classes and libraries.

It would be a shame to send students who can’t speak to or listen to Japanese people to universities and into society,” he said.

One of his students, Hu Ziyun, 22, who comes from Guangzhou, southern China, said joining the chat session provided him with more opportunities to communicate with Japanese people to find out about what they are thinking.

But the language circle was not always this harmonious.

The number of attendees dropped sharply in 2012 after tensions heightened over the China-claimed Japan-controlled Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea, known as the Senkakus in Japan, according to the participants.


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