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Aubrey got to the point where the only way he felt he could "knock it in the head" was to give up riding and took an office job in Sandyford. I just couldn't do it and came to a decision one day that I was finished. My dad was disappointed that I'd left these guys get to me because he knew I loved it ever since I was a kid and it was a dream. He didn't say much to me after." The 9-5 working day wasn't for Aubrey' though and he decided to start riding out again a year later.

He told his father and fellow jockey Patrick Mullins, who both tried to "talk him out of it". "It was an experience but you're working for someone else instead of yourself.

Here in the Arrivals Hall you will meet your professional Irish driver-guide (one person)."I had to think about it for two or three weeks as there's not much money in race riding.If you put it down on paper people would say I was mad to leave the job."For someone who started out with their amateur license just delighted to be pursuing my dream, I was getting up in the morning and I wasn't enjoying riding out or going racing because I felt I had to prove those guys wrong, when it should've been the other way around."I felt I had to start doing things to suit other people for all the wrong reasons," he said.I began to ride out three mornings a week while working but I was only tiring myself out," he said.


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