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We pose and attempt to answer the question: century; the century when, in western European thought, 'the economy' became clearly differentiated from 'the social', a distinct environment with its own laws and interests.In chapter 4 we explore the century in Western European history when the turmoil of previous centuries had distilled into a new version of 'objective reality' for those who held the reins of power.Not only do human beings gild memories of experiences in their own lifetimes, they are extremely adept at reinventing those of their historical past.It can be an educative experience to strip away what the French philosopher Voltaire called the 'fable upon which we are all agreed'.Chapter 1: Introduction It is said that the aphorism 'Know Yourself' was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

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Western people hold a peculiar understanding of objective reality and believe they have a duty, a responsibility, to reorganize other people and communities to live by the understandings they hold.The book starts with an examination of the nature of ideology and, more specifically, capitalist ideology.It is essential to start by examining the nature of ideological frameworks in human thought, interaction and action.Most importantly, it was the century when capitalism gained its evangelical fervor as millions of people, threatened with economic and social ruin, became 'born-again' Christians, the 'moral majority' of Western communities.This was the century in which they would take responsibility for transforming the rest of the world to live by the reality they now lived in - starting with their own, home grown 'savages'.So, what is it that has produced in Western people such a deep need to dominate and change the world?


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