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My own dad was not involved in most of my life — and that devastated me in ways I don’t yet fully understand, but I have harbored a lot of anger about it.

My ex is an awesome father, but there was a time when he was not as reliable as I would have hoped, related to what I wrote about a little bit here.

Michelle Obama says Republicans are “literally gray and white,” and Americans should “mix it up” and elect more blacks, gays and women to Congress. Obama made the statements during a guest appearance at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women on Tuesday.

The former first lady recalled attending the State of the Union address, where she noticed the Republican side was “all men, all white”.

“If people haven’t had the experience of being other and out, and you are trying to fix the problem of those folks, it’s hard to come up with the right answer when you haven’t lived it.” Mrs.

Obama has remained in the public eye after her husband, former President Barack Obama, left office in January.

But the advice the mom told me that was most surprising and helpful was this: Be empathetic.

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No wonder we struggle, no wonder people don’t trust politics.

I’m a happier person and better mom because of all of the above.

So when your heart breaks because he stood your son up again, are enraged at his disregard for your time at yet another last-minute cancelation, or your daughter knows her dad is on vacation with the new girlfriend but says he can’t afford to see her, you are 100% entitled to be livid.

And those things prevent him from being the parent he wants desperately to be — and enjoy his children as much as he otherwise might.

Recognizing that allows me to be kinder to him, spend less toxic mental energy managing the situation.


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