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The back-story tells players that Bella was mysteriously abducted and never returned home.

However, she was supposedly last seen at Don's home and rejected his attempt for 'Making Out'.

He seems to take after his paternal grandparents, Carmelo and Mama, as he shares their Romance aspirations, while both of his parents and maternal grandparents have the Fortune aspiration.

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The player gets access to the hostel by letting fashionista/jester Larry Liu run, causing unbridled chaos in his boss, Chantel Leer's, stately Oriental home. The family bio reads "Don woke up one morning in a whole new world.

Even though he is a womanizer, he has no Charisma skills - contrary to what players would think about him.

In one of the Goth family storytelling images, he has an unused hairstyle.

He remembers stepping onto a teleporter, several women laughing, then nothing else until he found himself here..." "Here" refers to an old granary, abandoned for years and waiting for nature to demolish it, that is, until Don showed up.

Don's bio reads "Don Lothario was facing a big choice between marriage and continuing to be a man about town.


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    He wouldn’t learn any English and it was really frustrating to communicate only in Japanese.