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It’s thanks to 1960s fashion that women are wearing everything from skirts above the knee to knee-high boots; empire waists to “no waists” and leopard print to printed stockings. Let me know what clothing invention of ’60s fashion surprised you most by leaving me a comment below the post!And as unbelievable as it sounds, without the boundary-pushing fashion inventions of the ’60s, today’s woman would be unable to purchase a pair of formal pants. xx, SD Feel free to scroll through the post to learn all about trends invented in the ’60s that have influenced fashion today, or click any of the links below to be taken immediately to the text within the article!The above-the-knee skirt was such a novel idea for the time that it was ill-received and not placed in stores for the season.It would take a British designer named Mary Quant to give the new hemline a name (she named it after her favorite car, the British “mini”) and to give it the marketing momentum it needed to reach the mainstream.Whiteout suitcases next to a messily made bed in all white is shabby chic perfection.Alternatively, if you find yourself one suitcase short of a height that’s actually accessible for water glass-holding duty, try flipping over an old farm crate and using it as the top block. BAR CART For a look that’s one-part shabby chic; one-part Wild West saloon, you cannot do better than revamping a small vintage steamer trunk as a bar cart.To make things relatively simple, look for a basic TV tray on legs to support your trunk. To make the piece look a little more polished, though, try placing a tray on top of the trunk to corral bottles, vases, and glassware. PET BED Because animals deserve posh pads too, we love the idea of turning a small, vintage carry-on trunk into an adorbs pet bed.The only musts are, one, the TV tray top be roughly the size of your trunk base, and, two, the tray’s legs match the style of your trunk (if not, remember that a quick coat of spray paint is always an option). To create, locate a suitcase big enough for your four-legged, as well as a pair of old footstool or ottoman legs.

Yet when trying to work a used trunk into an interior, it can sometimes feel unwieldy.

To start, grab your largest suitcase and lay it next to your bed.

Top it with the next largest case, aiming for an overall pyramid scheme as you go.

Description Life may not come with instructions, but it sure does come with a lot of other odds and ends.

The best way to keep those less than slightly items out of sight? The majority of used trunks date to the steam travel era, meaning splendidly distressed exteriors, big leather buckles and hammered brass corners.


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