Dating dynamics

Profile pictures are cropped, relationship statuses updated and upbeat breakup memes shared. She had the best taste in things and the memes she shared on Facebook were always funny, in a not so obvious way. I was just about to close it when an unfamiliar name caught my eye- Brian Mitchell. I sat up on the couch fully conscious and fired up my laptop, an intense curiosity suddenly consuming me. How did they even dig up dirt on people before Google? In the Search bar I typed “Brian Mitchell” and waited a couple of seconds before everything that Brian Mitchell ever was, ever did or had to hide, magically be converted into a bunch of links before my screen.We were somewhere in between the 6th and 7th stages. Talking with her, for however brief a time, always had this rejuvenating effect on me. Just the way I liked my humor- Intelligent and Dark, and discovered while stalking the social feeds of pretty girls. She hated Donald Trump with a passion which warmed the cockles of my heart. I briefly thought about writing a program to crawl the popular social networks on the internet and collect every instance of the string- “Brian Mitchell”, but I decided against it.Be it with colleagues, parent and child, staff and boss, friends or other forms of interaction, you have to be more tactful and remain sensitive to your relationship building skills.Fortunately, there are 5 of such important steps to make our communication so much better in our relationships and interactions.Categories: Beliefs and Values, Coaching and Counseling, Communication Competence, Conflict Management, Dating Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence, Excel Beyond Excellence, Handling Difficult People, Interpersonal and Relational, Living Life, Mentoring to Excel, Perspectives, Reflection and Thoughts, Relationship Dynamics Comments: 1 Comment I was conducting part 2 of “What Men Want” last night.This was a private exclusive workshop for women only so the participants can raise personal issues and enquire about the workings on the other gender.Stage 8: Declaration of eternal love through Facebook’s “In a Relationship” status.

His Instagram was full of heavily filtered artisanal pictures of cheeses and wines, populated with the occasional mirror selfie.Clearly this guy was an amateur if he thought anything written in PHP could be be the next big thing. What surreal pictures could he paint with his quill? His blog was full of Self-Help listicles with titles like- . He couldn't even string together two words to convey something of meaning. What profound realization of life could he lead you on towards? Within a week of reaching Stage 6, confident that I was on the right track, I had had her entire Facebook feed memorised and could pass any exam on it. Brian Mitchell didn’t nearly seem that important enough.On separate tabs, I opened up his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Github (), You Tube and his Blog — on Word Press, which was so very 2000 for us Medium totting bloggers of 2016.I clicked on the link to his blog, hoping I could best him at the thing that mattered to me the most!


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