Datin naked

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah" he moaned out as my cock went in him all the way up to my balls.I increased my pace and where going back faster and faster and you could hear my ballls slapping on his ass.

Let's go" I said We walked up the stairs to the 4th floor where our 2 gigantic half a floor bedrooms, the gym, and the movie/porn/jackoff room. I've always thought you were sexy and ever since I saw you fuck that little bitch of a girlfriend, I've wanted to fuck you and you fuck me. I then grabbed his head by his long hair and started to face fuck him.

She and I have been datin for the whole time we've been in high school and have fucked like 20 times. Most of the guys in the grade were really jealous of my muscles and my penis, so they all stared at me taking my shower.

She and i kissed and she started rubbing her hands up and down my chest and down to my hard dick. Looking forward to the weekend, this is happening on a Friday, my cock got hard thinking about the fucking me and Sophie, my girlfriend will be doing this weekedn.

The cum rocketed out of my cock about 7 feet up into the air hitting the ceiling and about 10 feet to the to the other wall. I think Cynthia's cooking up filet mingon." He said (Cynthia's our head maid/cook.

My cock then slowly turned soft as I dried off but kept naked. "sure" We went outside and got into his red Ferrari (I ran to school that day instead of driving) and drove to our family's gigantic mansion, our dad's a really rich business man and he buys whatever he likes no matter the price.


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