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Other books with less guidance present their findings in such colorful, down to earth language that your grabbed.

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But — guess what — parents are fallible and don’t always make choices their children appreciate.I have always dated men of all races including my own and have the weird experience of being married for the past 17 years to a mixed race man who looks white!!So we get all the crap from the 'ACTING BLACK" CROWD anyway lol.Her pattern of and then moving to cope with it, is destabilizing (and expensive). Professional coaching could help her to find strategies to cope with her anxieties, as well as give her the courage to use her own voice when she wants to describe or express a problem.She is an adult and is making choices concerning her life — ultimately, you must respect her freedom to live (and move) the way she wants to.She will not talk to these neighbors out of fear that it will make the situation worse.


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